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He Learned That From Grace

Oh Lancelot. You little trouble maker you. XD

*yawn* Been a busy week. XD I hope you all are still enjoying!

And….six days until Zazzle starts making Speakers. I’m so excited! XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“All Along The Watchtower” by Jimi Hendrix


‘This amount of property damage is nothing. My plants can do this in their sleep.’

Yeah, but it’s Azrael’s property. That probably would have been a death sentence.


Actually it’s Generic’s property, Not Azzie’s, he and the girls are just bumming it out there.


Yea but on top of that that property includes prices purloined artworks that might be a little creased or singed now.
We all remember his opinion with respect to art right?
… poor boy yer gonna die …


Lance may have a good point. Do “griffin attack” and “scientific plant disaster” fall into the same “act of God” category on insurance?

Poor Driver. This has to be like water torture for her. Drip, drip, drip, her carefree, villainous life goes down the drain under the combined weight of her suitor, a live-in hero, and a growing family of magical objects.


I can only imagine all the conflict and chaos that would ensue if Eclat and Grace were forced to be roommates. XD

Driver obviously wants to be anywhere else but here. That’s understandable because this trip hasn’t yielded anything worthwhile for her. I think she needs to recover by reading an adventure novel she likes, or doing some kind of simple villainy like holding up a bookstore. XD


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