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He Lies. He Loves Interrupting.

I think Driver got the best line. It’s been so long since she got to be snarky to Wiglaf. She still does ‘hate’ him after all. :D

Poor Geoffry. He’s made Horatio upset. You won’t like Horatio when he’s upset…GRRR!!!!!

Sorry. In a giddy mood. I was pleasantly surprised by a movie. Found the new “Alvin and the Chipmunks” movie in a bin for $8 and went ‘what the heck?’ to see it (since the sequel actually looks interesting with the Chipettes and all…).

It was good. I ended up laughing and giggling the whole movie. Definitely going to go catch the sequel.

Chipettes people! :ohhyeahh:

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Brown Eyes” by Lady Gaga


I love Driver’s expression. and I love Morder’s expressions. and pretty much everybosy’d expressions.:lol:

wow. Geoffrey is in for a surprise.


Haha, snarky little Driver. :happy:

Oh Mordred, how long has it been since you got to actually make a valid point AND have fun with it? :P

Lol, cleaver word play, Liliy, cleaver. :)


I love driver’s line! For some reason when I read it it was in Hades’ voice form Hercules in my head…weird.

Also, Mordred and his double entendre. Should Geoffry have a ring?

…He doesn’t even look like he wants to escape, does he?


LOL Driver I <3 her so much!

But would Geoffry escape if he was free? Or does he have a severe case of stockholm syndrome? Or is it love luuuuuurvvveeee??

I love Mordred's hair a lot now. Don't ever go back to black!


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