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He Likes Cats

And you thought the cat ears and tail were too much. *winks*

But no, seriously. Common knowledge Herschell is a cat – in that bar at least. Ha ha ha. Ha ha. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

How else is he supposed to gather intel unnoticed? Turn into a rat or something? ( The new anime No. 6 is amazing, btw. Random)

Also – My editor is awesome! (For my novels.) I know she reads WaM so I can tell her here. *puts on cool classes*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Bad Girls” by Donna Summer


O.O *squeal of fangirl joy*
My tail complex has officially overloaded.
Cuddle. Must cuddle… ^.^
(Thank you, Liliy!)
And I absolutely adore No. 6! Watched the first episode after it came out and have been obsessive since.
But Rat is mine. Mine! *holds possessively*

(on a random sidenote from crazed fangirl, today is Shuhei Hisagi’s birthday!)
I’m rambling, I should sleep. XD


Ohmygod!!!XD <3 He. Is. TOO. CUTE. XD I can't decide which is my favorite, Panel 7 or panel 8!! maybe 8 because of Wiggy's happy lil "aw I couldn't help myself!" face! GAH Lily, why are you so awesome?


Hmmm. Okay, he’s a shapeshifter rather than an anthrofeline (catboy). That gives him enough leeway for me to take him off the hunting list.

Have to wonder what Mordred will think of his older siblings being taken out by Seddie.


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