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He Likes Him

And since all four of them are boys, you don’t know who the title is referring. *inserts evil laughter* :happy:

Anyway, not my best strip but it’s informative and I think Azrael got a good line in. And now – I’m going to bed. XD Night!

Song Listening Recommendation:

-”Survive” by Rise Against


Somehow, Mordred is surprised by Azrael’s comment. Did Arthur really try to shield his little brother that much? (Now I want to know what Grace was saying that held Azrael’s rapt and forebearing attention for so long. Was it a plan for catching everyone in the lobby unaware? And did Grace really think it could get away with it on Wiglaf’s watch? Grace must be crazier than Azrael.)

Yay for exposition! That needed explanation, and was actually well-handled. Nicely done. :D


I think he was more surprised by how random that was. XD I doubt Mordred is around Azrael long enough to realize he talks to Grace. :/


Azrael certainly does look bored himself, and he’s having Grace reflect his own boredom. XD Grace must be quite a conversationalist to hold Azrael’s attention so firmly. :)


:lol2: I just laughed for like a whole friggin minute, without stopping! :shocked: I’m serious, this has got to be one of your best strips, just cause it made me laugh that long AND had nea facts in it. :D


Everything about that last panel is priceless; Azreal’s last line and the expressions on Mordred and Wiglaf’s faces. :P


Azrael it’s called a shower! you can take care of your boredom and make it to the concert if ya really wanted to ya know…Great idea Grace (=^.^=) yah for senseless murder


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