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He Likes The Simple Really

Stayed home from work sick today. I feel a lot better but man have I been out of it all day. Kinda surprised I got the strip done after zoning out so much. XD


Edit: Going to bed early tonight. Still a tad under the weather and I have to work tomorrow. I’ll see you on Wednesday.

Edit 2 (Wednesday): Not sick anymore but was really busy today running errands with my folks. I also have some stuff I need to do tonight (yay adulting) that sadly takes priority over the comic. And then I’m going to play Genshin Impact before bed because I’m exhausted. XD I’ll see you all on Friday. If you don’t see an update Friday, my power probably went out. Lol. Weather isn’t looking too good, but crossing my fingers it’s fine!

Edit 3 (Friday): Power did not go out but it is storming. And work was nuts. And I lost track of time. This one’s on me without excuse. There will 100% be a comic on Sunday even if I have to miss D&D (though if the weather stays like this, D&D might get canceled and I’ll just be able to start drawing early). Thank you for your patience. T-T

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“And I like the world this way. It’s… easy.” Poor Camlann! Combined with his expression, there’s a whole lot of bewildered hurt, there.


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