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He Missed The Point

How is it June. Just how. I’m not sure why this year has gone so fast but it has. o-o

I fixed some typos on earlier strips. Trying not to make those. XD

Uh. Life continues to be crazy. We also started summer hours at work. I have to work longer M-T, but that means we get off a little earlier on Friday. So that’s nice. XD

I look forward to July. The craziness should be over in July. Xd

Edit: Good news: I had WaM for Friday (today) sketched. Bad news. It was rainy and I kinda dozed off. Lol. Didn’t get what I needed to get done this afternoon so uh….going to do that instead of drawing. >.>; On the bright side, I have WaM’s sketch and dialogue done for Sunday so that should absolutely happen. xD *thumbs up* See you guys then.


Ten years later…

“… and I have my whole family locked up in the dungeon. I mean, I *do* still… love them? I sometimes let my mother go out in the yard to see the sky. On a leash, of course.”

*starts giggling quietly*


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