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He Needs It More

Man I’m evil.

I mean really – who does that? Interrupt a riveting fight scene that ends on a cliffhanger to change scenes to a side plot.  And then has the gall to not color it. *shakes head*

Me. That’s who.

*inserts copious amounts of evil laughter*

But seriously; I had some fun distracting myself today. I couldn’t concentrate to save my life. XD It was bad.

But yeah; been waiting to do this for a while. Torturing Gawain is fun. :D Cause he can you know, take it. :injured:

Oh! And today’s my Mom’s Birthday! :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Goodnight Saigon” by Billy Joel


Ah, Galen; she’s so crazy. Awesome.

I imagine Gawain doesn’t feel that way right now, though. I wonder if Hagen will take her up on that hand… XD


Happy Birthday, Liliy’s Mom!

Oh, my, you evil, evil person, you. But I think– yes, I think I can forgive you on this one. Poooooooooor Gawain. I’m looking forward to seeing Hagen get him out of this. Or ask why he isn’t bleeding to death. Either one.

Funny full scene, Liliy!


Happy birthday Liliy’s mum! 8D

Poor boy… You offer them a hand, and they take your arm! Tsss… (although he probably didn’t really offer his hand.)

Oohh..thanks for reminding me of that song! *dls it*


hmm. I wonder when Hagen ever needed to borrow equiptment from Galen.
I can’t wait to see Gawain magically reattach his arm. :happy:


Ooooo, that was very despicable of you, Galen. Poor, poor Gawain. It would actually be good if Hagen took this opportunity to hurl Galen against a wall or something. Then, of course, she’ll have to remember to grab Gawain’s arm while she’s saving him so she can latch it back in place. That’s one advantage of being a zombie, obviously. ^_^

Hilarious depiction of Galen in all her craziness, Liliy. XD


Well; no one else has said it yet, so I will: She has such a disarming personality…

P.S. Give your mom my best Birthday wishes, Liliy!


Happy B-Day to your mom! And dude, I’ve been waiting for EVER for this scene, so it’s totally worth it. Thankees!



I do not know why, but I love the third panel. The white bg really sticks out and portrays her shock and startlement :B


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