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He Never Learns

Eventually I’m going to end up repeating titles and just not realizing I’m doing it.

Anyway – your favorite annoying sword is back. And not only am I reusing a joke (yay for running gags! *glee*) I’m reusing an art style. See? Horatio has no arms in that last panel. XD Like in the early days of the strip.

I shouldn’t type these things when I’m on an adrenaline high from trying to stay awake to finish the comic I should have started an hour earlier.

But that’s not important. Camlann’s back!

Song Listening Recommendation:

“A Long Time Ago” by Jim Croce


You think that Horatio wouldn’t care nearly as much as he does. After all, he was just in danger of being run through.

Ah camlann… SHUT UP! O_o *Chucks a rock at Camlann*


Ah Camlann, his diatribes never get old. Poor Wiglaf tries to do his hero thing and Camlann has to go and be all awesome and steal his thunder. And yay for the return of no-arms! XD


“At least you could learn some of my incantations [...] I could have summoned a horse for you [...] or a unicorn, or a zebra…” –Camlann
I think that’s the best thing I have ever read in the background of a comic, Liliy. Seriously. Even beating out the things in the Asterix the Gaul books. Definite kudos to you for making me laugh so hard so very early in the morning.

Poor Wiglaf. He had a pretty good pose, and everything, but Camlann earns him Azrael’s continuing disdain. *Sighs.*


I would have summoned the Zebra. *hugs it*


The mental image you just gave me of Wiglaf on a Zebra reminds me of the “Master Decoy” card from an old deck of Magic: The Gathering.

Liliy on a Zebra…. your mother would harm you if you pulled a Lady Godiva… Though that would make an interesting vehicle if parked in front of your workplace!


“I’m not the one with a crush on his boss…” -Camlaan
I love reading those.

Hooray for the return of Camlaan! He’s one of my favorites.


Haha, Camlann wants to be an image analyst now! It’s very funny how Horatio is out of the loop on this because he’s never seen a talking sword and never seen Camlann’s habit of interrupting Wiglaf’s entrances. XD

Wiglaf had better shut Camlann up fast; he needs to be concentrating on the impending battle and on saving Horatio.


Ha, don’t you lot know the best, most *ironic* part is Azrael talking about a sword that doesn’t shut up? xD After all, he’s the one with the most experience, ain’t he?


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