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He Pitches

Alternate titles for today’s strip include “Yes, Hnæf can see her pointing” and “Somewhere Grace is laughing.”

In other news, this whole donation wallpaper think is kicking my keister. XD It just does NOT want to be put into a tangible form on ‘paper’ so to speak. Curse having a vision of what I want it to look like. Always my downfall…

However! With WP3.0 coming out soon – WaM’s going to get a site face-lift and clean up the layout and odds and ends that bug me. It should look really great & we’ll be getting a new header, menu bar and some nice CSS updates. I’m thinking I can release the first WaM Donation Wallpaper with the new layout. Set a goal. *nods valiantly*

Okay! We’ve got a fun reader participation -

Post a link to your favorite Webcomic & either your favorite strip or tell us why you like it!

The point of the above is to pick a comic that isn’t WaM. Just a friendly reminder in case you think this is some trick to get you to go ‘But This is my favorite!’ (and if by some chance it is – list your second fav instead XD)

Kay? Awesome. :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Furry Walls” by Infant Sorrow (Take Me To the Greek! :D)


Poor Brynhildr; don’t give up! Keep fighting for his affection/attention!

Fav webcomic… besides wam. XD I’ll have to go with Extra Ordinary at ; it’s so whimsical and cute. Just all kinds of silly fun. XD


Hnæf can see her pointing? What, does he has some sort of satilite that has xray vision? Or mutiple ones anyways. I’d really like to know HOW he managed to keep an eye on everything. o0 It is of the unexplainable though, isn’t it. Someone should ask, maybe he knows everything but how he knows everything. Then he doesn’t know everything. Because he would not know where he get’s his vast ammount of knoledge from. :sly:

As for favorite comic…I…do not…know. I like too many comics…it is near impossible to favore any out of the rest. D: Sorry~


He has an extremely extensive network of computers, cameras, data centers and operatives that all work together. So it’s probably more accurate to say his computer Mímir knows everything.

Hnæf just remembers everything he’s told and can look up anything new at the drop of a hat. :D


Favorite webcomic, not including WaM? Hard pick, there’s a lot of good ones I read on a constant basis…

No disrespect to QC, MT, OotS, CAD, or the rest, but… I think I’ma have to go with Erfworld:


. . . Is it wrong that I kind of hope Azrael and Grace get together romantically?


I actually don’t know if this is my favorite, since so many comics are good in ~different~ ways (and WaM is also up there with my top favorites), but this comic has ~amazing~ art and a really twisted, dark story that’s mystery and thriller and complicated and pretty. Also, the main character “freelances in industrial espionage.”


This strip reminds me of why I love Driver :D

And as for my fav comic… I’m going to have to go with Archipelago.

And here’s my favorite strip:
The art gets better very quickly, and in the current pages, the artwork and detail in every page is stunning. I love this comic because there is always something going on in the background, and the creature design is very unique (and there are a LOT of odd creatures). You get the feeling that every page is a glimpse into a real, very different world.


Ah! It’s a Liliy-signature comic! The two-column conversational layout. Yay.

Do you know how difficult it is to find slice-of-life that’s both gentle and clever?


Well since I have no other on-line comic, I just read a few strips from Tweep so will vote that as my non WAM fav. Peanuts being my overall fav followed closely by Bloom County, at least when it is being published.

Note also the patented Liliy copy-and paste style today.

Question, did Azrael pay a bribe high enough that none of the sisters could afford to top it?


I’ll second the love of Driver. :D

Favorite webcomics? Why, mine of course! ;P
Seriously, though… I read way too many at any given time to pick one favorite.. and half the time the ones I really like either disappear or stop updating. So I’ll list Skyfall as an old standby – as one of the first webcomics I ever read and probably my first real favorite. Good solid high-fantasy with interesting characters and great artwork.

Whither is one that deserves more attention than it seems to have gotten – it’s the restart of a comic called Rêveillerie, about a girl who discovers that she’s actually a changeling left by the fae, and finds herself on a quest to find her “real” home. In both incarnations it’s an engaging story with a pretty unique art style.


My favorite web comic? Well, I have several (WaM being one of them, of course). I think my number one favorite would have to be Tales of the Questor ( Good artwork, and amazing story. On top of that, it completely gives lie to the thought that all Christian works of entertainment have to suck.


Is Azreal still gay if he’s in love with a sword?

Ye gads, a favorite webcomic? WAM is probably my number one, but other than that…I could probably narrow it down to three. =.=;

I’m gonna go with, because I love the characters and the stories. It was also my first webcomic, and introduced me to most of my favorites! :love:


My favorite comic other than this? Geez…. tough question, I read so many. I would probably have to say Head Trip. I just find it funny and the characters are fun to watch.

By the way, Hnaef is awesome. I can just imagine him sitting at his computer nochalantly telling the valkyries that Azrael has left.



Hands down, no competition, it’s an amazing plot, the art is beautiful, it’s historically accurate, and has me squealing like a fangirl in some parts. Unfortunately, it only updates on Mondays and is already nearing completion.

Still, if you’re looking for a good WW2-era, long-distance/forbidden/seemingly-impossible romance, and mysticalesque sort of webcomic, I HIGHLY recommend this one, it is absolutely beautiful and might even make you cry, as it has made me nearly do so numerous times already. :love: :love: :love: :love:


My favorite? Well, WaM certainly ranks in the Top 10. But I’d have to go with Tom Szewc’s “Alone In A Crowd“. It’s the one webcomic that gives me enough Hope and Faith to get through a rough week. :happy:


I really like YU+ME ( and my favorite page is a chapter cover! ( The variety of art styles employed is phenomenal!

Toilet Genie ( is very good, with interesting characters! I love the chewing-on-the-’phone thing (

The Dawn Chapel ( is possible my next-favorite after YU+ME right now, especially p. 5 of “They Sit so Still” ( and all of the “Apex Predator” pages (! This one isn’t a single continuous story, and the tone changes from story to story!

Great question! I already read about 80 webcomics (including Looking for Group and Dreamless), and I expect I’ll find one or two more from this post!


WAM is my favorite comic of course! :) Although this is my first time posting I’ve been reading for awhile.
I’ll give you the other two of my top three favorite webcomics. Both of them have great artwork and engaging storylines.
‘Fey Winds’
It’s about a young fox who is turned into a human (it has some great comedy thrown in sometimes) and her two traveling companions (later on it becomes three)
‘The Phoenix Requiem’
It’s hard to describe…really it is. If you like scary stories about weird plagues that fill a whole town with weird shadow creatures and a nurse trying to cure them while wondering who that cute guy that passed out on the outskirts of town is…then this is the story for you. It’s very much a period piece and it hits upon the steampunk theme a little…not a whole lot.


Too many to choose from, I’ll limit myself to suggesting five not on your links page (or already mentioned above):
Suicide For Hire by Rafael Medina –Dark humour comic about a moderately-sociopathic pair of teenagers who go around arranging people’s suicides for them. Its biggest failing is that it is furry, its biggest unexpected bonus is the Jhonen Vasquez-style comments in the margins. Mature themes and occasional gore.
Bite Me! by Dylan Meconis –Lighthearted comedy, vampires in a wacky adventure during the French revolution (the famous one with Robespierre).
Sexy Losers “an adult comic by clay” –Explicit sex comedy with multiple different running plot-themes. the ones about the happy necrophiliac may not be the most disturbing so beware! Only people who are legally permitted may read it of course, and definitely DO NOT READ THIS IN PUBLIC.
Lackadaisy Cats by Tracy J. Butler –Drawn in sepia tones, a comic centred on the running of a speakeasy during American prohibition. The characters are all anthropomorph cats, but this comic somehow makes that work very well. Incredibly cute.
Digger by Ursula Vernon –In gorgeous black and white, a beautiful, fantasy-epic work. It does a better job of world-building and character-building than the otherwise still excellent Rice Boy. The best I have seen on- or off-line. READ THIS AND BUY HER STUFF.
URLs left out to avoid being spam-filtered.


Yeah. XD Been trying to keep up with that. *Anything with over 2+ links automatically goes to moderation*


HERO, certainly a different kind of webcomic. I’m still not quite sure how to describe. Just take a look, ‘kay? Oh, and hover over the picture on the main page there. It’ll explain how the comic works. It has subdued tones that work wonderfully with its painterly look. The only downside to this comic is the infrequency of updates, but I still check back every so often.

Another is definitely Lackadaisy. Every time I see an update I get ridiculously happy. Like anonymous said, anthropomorphic cats during the American prohibition. It’s a fun read while keeping with a more serious undertone. And I love her character designs.


This is a good idea.

I have to say that right now, besides WaM of course, has to be my favorite. It a humorous fantasy comic with great characters.

I have several others like and beyond reality, but they are not updating as regularly as they could be.

Also is a great fantasy webcomic, and my first one. It needs more love.


I have quite a few which I read, but I guess I’ll go with if I have to choose one. Slightly Damned is a great webcomic and is cute and funny. It has an angel which turns into a bunny and a demon with a pet rock called therodore. Cute and Funny. the only problem is that it only updates one day a week. :*(


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