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He Prefers Hand-Copying

*curls up in a corner and sleeps*

EDIT: Wednesday’s WaM’ll be really late. Sorry! Takin’ a much needed me-break.

Go listen to your favorite lullaby.


My first thought was that Camlann and Ledger would get along quite well.

Then I realized that they’re too much alike (so far) for that to ever work.

There’s that pair-a-thon crack couple shot down.


Also, minor problem that as far as we know Camlann can’t actually see the set spirits.


While that is true, that hasn’t stopped pair-a-thon pairings before, and so wasn’t a factor in shooting the crack pairing in the foot.


The pairings aren’t necessarily love-matches anyway. I seem to recall a few being of the two ‘paired’ fighting. So you still could!


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