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He Prepared For This

Sorry it’s a little late! XD

I got super distracted. >.>


Ever science he got thrown off the balcony? Oh, man. He is a supervilian. Except that he hasn’t done any super ranting monologues yet. What supervilian doesn’t monolog?


A good supervillain knows how to monologue to gloat. A great supervillain knows exactly when monologuing is necessary, and disdains from engaging the plebeians in conversation otherwise.


I admit, I squeaked like the fangirl I am when I read that last panel… wow… how long has it been since lance was introduced? And look at where he is now…Mad scientist indeed…


Didn’t have the drive to put the plan into practice, but he made the seed anyway? Lance, that Mad Scientist denial ran deeper that the Mariana Trench!


Reading this I feel like I’m watching an old Yugioh episode.

Mordred – “I activate the Demon Sword Grace’s special ability, ‘Mimic’, allowing Death Angle Azrael to gain 98% more attack points. And I activate the spell card ‘ Team up’ enabling both my monsters to attack at the same time! Go Death Angle Azrael and Legandary Warrior Wiglaf, attack his Living Jack O’Lantern and Vinus Flytrap of Doom!”

Lancalot – “Ha! You’ve fallen for my trap! I activate my face down card Demons Seed! When Two Monster Plant types are destroyed and sent to my graveyard while my Demon Seed is on the field I can special summon Genetic Monstrosity!”


Thank you for making that comment! I seriously was laughing at how this “duel” had become so Yugioh-like


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