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He Really Hates Them

To be finished before Saturday.

All this not sleeping is starting to effect work. If I keep showing up late I might actually be at risk & that would mean no job.

No job = no WaM. I don’t even make enough off ads/merch from this site to make a car payment let alone all my bills. Sorry guys! Sleep’s gonna’ have to come first. *sighs*

Oh well, at least you get to see the in progress. XD

I apologize for the whining. XD I’ll try to avoid that in the future. *coughs* But seriously, I think I’m going to have to just stop what I’m doing at 11 and go to bed. *sighs*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Boogie Wonderland” by Earth, Wind, and Fire!


Oh what? It’s not done? Well, I’m so super pissed that I’m unsubscribing.

Just kidding. =P

Take your time getting the comics done. If and when there are enough of us reading to pay the bills, only then would we have any place becoming upset when you don’t treat this like a job. =D



What? Oh? Wait a sec. Wrong comic. =P carry on…

Okay Monty, I will take what is behind the curtain. [audience stands there mortified in silence]
Meanwhile somewhere in Sweden @#$@$#%$Hugs%$#%$#$Noogies%$@#^%#$!BLISS@#$!@#%%$@help?@#$%@###


You have been neglecting your own personal needs for a hobby?

You should consider changing the update schedule if this hobby is affecting other areas of your life in a negative manner.


*snort* When WaM was a hobby I updated once a year. XD At 20 hours/week it’s basically updated to ‘part time job that pays next to nothing’ status. XD


This reminds me of that bit in Back to the Future when Marty and his photo fades away.
Just proves that in the future Arthur was meant to rule the world and Sedrick is messing it up.

Silly Sedrick


Heh heh, it’s typical that Sedrick would want to get rid of the uniforms first, since he always hated wearing his own uniform. I like Sedrick’s expressions, and I like the assembly of henchmen and henchwomen.


Lass, real life trumps comics. Honestly.

Have you thought of shifting to a two-updates-a-week schedule for a bit? You could spend the time to build up a buffer while doing so. You could even still do three updates, but put up character sketches for Wednesdays instead of regular updates if you really felt the need.

And I know how you feel. There’s many a time I’ve been up past 1 a.m. working on a webcomic review. Or archive-crawling while writing a review. Or something webcomic related. ^^;; Fortunately I adjusted my schedule recently back to the five-day week, so I can sleep an extra hour (even if I lost my three-day weekends). And for that matter, I get two more hours in the day to do stuff. =^-^=

Good luck to you, Liliy. And seriously consider the 2x schedule.

Rob H.


Sadly, the current update schedule isn’t really the issue (it’s already squeezed in around other obligations as is. Heh.)…if I start on time (7pm) I’m usually done by 10/11pm.

It’s going to bed right after that that’s becoming the issue. And it’s not always the comic that keeps me up…it’s a variety of things including just flat out not being tired. *_*;


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