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He Really Likes That Mark Kid

That Mark running joke actually comes straight out of my home life. There was this one guy my parents just would not give up on trying to get me to go out with. XD He’s married now, thankfully. *wipes sweat off brow*

Anyway. FRIENDSHIP. I’ve been watching too much My Little Pony.

Also–never doubt the importance of open and honest communication in your personal and professional lives. *nod nod* All great misfortune and misunderstandings come from the lack of it, this I believe.

“Baba Yetu” by Christopher Tin. It’s in Swahili and amazing. Go listen. NOW.


I was dawwing so much during the stream you’ve no idea.

Mordred just looks, like he can’t even comprehend the idea of someone actually wanting to be friends with him.


I… don’t think “someone wanting to be friends with him” is what he was attempting to comprehend just then.


This is pretty much completely unrelated, but is Mordred’s hair being half-pink a permanent thing now? I don’t think the black:pink ratio has been changing lately.


FRIENDSHIP! -hums theme song-

I am now eagerly waiting to see Mordred’s reaction to everything Wiglaf has just said.


Oh my goodness…all I can say is “D’awwwww!” This is so adorable–I’m tyring not to squee out loud!! And…parents, right? Gotta love them. >.<


Mordred’s face I can’t even Wiggy you Do want to sleep with mordred you just don’t know it because you are an innocent flower I can’t even
I just want them to touch faces so bad I can’t
And Vilhelm totally ships them even if he hates it he so does
And now I really want to meet Mark who the heck is this guy trying to interfere with my OTP gosh how dare he.


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