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He Should Win An Award

Overacting Azrael is probably the greatest thing I’ve drawn in WAM to date. :D

Hmm. Not much else is new.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Doubt & Trust” by Access


Aw, shucks. :D And here I was hoping Driver had arranged the Valkyies around the lobby, and Azrael would leave them there as pleasant statuary for a while.

Overacting Azrael is a good pose variant, and it came out well, but I personally still prefer your your various experiments in perspective. Panels two and eight, for instance, define a depth and volume of space greatly. The various expressions of panic on the Valkyries are classic laughing points, too. I could see this comic cinematically, which seems to be a new tactic you’re using.


I like the way Driver gestures toward her sisters her sisters in panel 2. And her line about shutting off their brains is priceless. :happy:

Those are nice colorful backgrounds that you gave Azrael and each individual Valkyrie. The colors look great and they really stand out. ^_^


I love Azrael’s “Oh, for the love of…” And the sparkles make him look kinda hot in a shoujo type way. XD Actually, the sparkles remind me of Ouran High School Host Club.


Reminds me more of ‘The Mask’ where, after an extremely overacted death scene, a crowd stood up in front of the camera and applauded and gave him an award. Which left the other baddies clueless as to what was going on…(though I think at least one tried to straighten up his suit and wave to the audience. The boss, I think? I forgot his name.)


Wiglaf if that were the reason he’d do it a lot more often as it is it seems he only does that because they’re useful to him…i think…(=^.^=)


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