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He So Is

I’m like proud of the word bubbles. I don’t know why. But I like how they turned out. XD

Edit: My ability to concentrate was not with me on Sunday. Add in some eye strain (I really need to invest in some eye drops or learn to take more breaks) and ultimately I didn’t get much done on WaM before I decided I needed to turn off all my computer & phone screens and go to bed early. Sorry about that. >_< I’ll see you guys on Wednesday. But I hope you all had a good break on this Holiday weekend!

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Wiglaf should just go “Hey Camlann, I figured you could use the win so I was going to let you beat him, but are you going to do it anytime soon? Azrael’s kinda bored of waiting for you.” That’ll probably piss off one of the two enough that either Boss will lose the match, or he’ll win the match and Wiglaf will kick him to the curb with a “Let’s just go already” to Camlann.


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