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He Takes Care Of Them

I’m glad I held off on drawing Wednesday. This is way funnier than what I had been thinking. Lol.

I don’t know why but Mordred checking his nails just makes me happy.

Edit: Mordred’s nails still makes me happy. So I’m going to leave it there. Pass out (it is Sunday and I’m tired lol). I’ll see you on Wednesday. o-o

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Lance, you’ve known Mordred for how long? Have you not noticed his position for “actively trying to be nonchalant” is checking his nails? He uses it whenever he has the upper hand in something, or is put in a position where he thinks talking down to someone else would be beneficial for his villainous leanings.

…Actually, do you actually know this, and are you about to start an argument with Mordred about him looking down on you?


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