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He Takes Work Seriously

HA. Barely made it but it’s still Friday. I win.

Also, Wiglaf is also perfect at ticking people off. Azzie is just his favorite. They’re rivals you know. Forever.

Sunday’s WaM is going to also be up late because I’m having a lazy holiday weekend and no one can stop me.

New computer is also still working great. Yes. :D

Edit: By “Late” I have apparently meant “Skipped.” The lazy holiday weekend got out of control & through a combination of not feeling good and desperately trying to fit in the last few books I needed to complete my Goodreads challenge, time got away from me. Ha ha. But, Wednesday is in a new year, so what better time to get things back on track formally? (That’s how I’m spinning it, anyway.)

Happy New Year! And I’ll see you Wednesday. :D


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