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He Took Over A Storage Room

Lancelot’s been planning this for a while. Of course he has a storage room retrofitted into an emergency lab. :P

I’m happy with how this strip turned out. <3

Edit: Long Friday was long. But good things: I got a new laptop (my old one was eight years old…it needed replacing) and oh my gosh it’s so nice to type on a keyboard that isn’t falling apart. It feels¬†amazing. T-T Two: Friday was stressful (somehow) and I now have Mario Maker 2. Gonna…gonna play that.¬†

But a sappy message before I go: Everything is super stressful right now. Being cooped up and scared is affecting everyone and the negative waves are palpable. So I pray that you all take time for yourselves while you’re staying safe and at home. If you have to go out, I hope that you also stay well and keep your wits about you. This won’t last forever, and when it’s over…it won’t be normal, but we’ll all hopefully have some of the weight off our shoulders.

And if you read this far, a spoiler: Wiglaf’s blood poisoned the plant. :D

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