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He Wanted To Do That Tour

Oh my gosh. I need to make sure I don’t miss the stream. XD This drawing took like three times as long as when I draw with people watching me. Lol. Less chance to get distracted. o-o

But I made it! On time! With ten minutes to spare. :D

Enjoy Mordred’s mini-monologue.

Wed. Edit: I came home on Wednesday ready to fall asleep. I’m like barely keeping my eyes open now and I’m forcing myself to read so I don’t pass out before 9:00 p.m (if I sleep now I will wake up at like 3:00 a.m. and I don’t want to do that XD). I don’t know why. But I’m tired. o-o;; I’ll see you guys on Friday!


Mordred, this is why you should have brought Driver along. She would have distracted Lancelot from his schemes, making it possible for him to lead you through the tour as he actively gushes over her. Also, he wouldn’t have dared to put the vines in her.


Do you want to be told about typos so you can fix them? Is that helpful or annoying? “coudl” in the first panel.


Helpful! I sometimes end up finishing strips up late at night, so typos are easy to miss. Lol. I will have to fix that later. XD Thank you!


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