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He Wants A Hug, Too

I was going to do a 4th of July pin-up but I remembered we just had one. So I kept going with the plot and here we are.

Azrael really, really wants that hug.

Happy 4th of July! :D

EDIT: I FORGOT TO RESIZE THE COMIC. Oops. I¬†should have fixed it by the time you’re reading this. Ha ha. Man. It’s been a busy week and tonight I don’t have to do anything, so I’m not and WaM is gonna’ take one more night off. I will see you guys on Sunday. XD

EDIT 2: So, my vacation ended up going one more Sunday. Oops. I had some orchestra stuff pop up all afternoon and D&D night ran crazy long (SIX HOURS! We fought a red dragon!) and I’m…passing out. I’m wiped. I will see you Wednesday for real. *sleeps*


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