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He Will Be Evil Yet

Oh man. I am sore. Lol. I spent Saturday running a yard sale that started set up at 4:00 a.m. and ended around 5:00 p.m. And I was the fool that forgot to wear sunscreen. I’m red as a tomato. XD

Needless to say, I’m really glad I went to bed early on Friday. Lol. Or I would not have made it through Saturday. So thank you so much for your patience with the missed strip!

Arthur is back with this one and I’m happy with that first frame pose (and the cute pic at the bottom~).

Edit: Some personal stuff happened that I probably shouldn’t share, but it was a lot. I took Wednesday off to chill and stop thinking about it. I’ll see you guys on Friday.

Edit 2 (5/7): Good news: Personal stuff from Wednesday is okay. A friend was admitted to the ER out of the blue and they let them out late last night, so that was a relief. On the flip side, work was kinda crazy. So between emotional stress and regular work stress…I took the night off again. A friend encouraged it and I’m listening to them. I will see you all on Sunday.


This comic page states that Arthur is, surprisingly enough, closer to being a cinnamon bun than Mordred. And it’s already been pointed out that Mordred made the hero of the story an even better person, and is protected from all the actual horrors of the world by everyone in his family, so the only thing preventing Mordred from having status as a cinnamon bun is his personality.

This type of thing is always amazing to see.


‘I’m red as a tomato’
Oh noooo that sounds awful. Tho at least you have some nice weather it sounds like. It’s been cold and rainy and/or windy here :/


I.. he.. wha-……how are these two different from politicians?! XD
I feel like I’m watching these two get ready for a mayoral election, not super-villainy.


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