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He Will Take Suggestions

Camlann looks so cute here. Lol. *pats him*

Edit: It is Sunday. Crazy tired (didn’t get much sleep last night b/c I stayed up way too late reading). Gonna’ hit the hay early tonight. XD I will see you all on Wednesday.


Honestly, attempting to punch Wiglaf in the back of the head would probably be the easiest and most successful plan, even if he just dodges it instinctively without even noticing you. Alternatively, kidnapping Mordred would be incredibly effective, too.


They know better than to kidnap Mordred. LOL.


Just leave a note saying “Kidnapped specifically to annoy Wiglaf. Mordred’s fine, Driver’s aiding in the kidnapping”… before taking him to see his parents.


Just a suggestion, for laughs, but how about teleporting Wiglaf’s chainmail back to the states & putting Mordred in superhero tights? Maybe curse Mordred to speak like a corny dramatic superhero as well? lol

I’ve always wanted to see what happens if Wiglaf goes too long without his beloved chainmail. *evil laugh & mustache twirling*


That chain mail suggestion does have merits. *ponders*


Maybe Mordred has a urge to try on the Chainmail and when he goes to take it off he can’t even with Wiglaf’s help (like Minecraft curse of binding)


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