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He Won’t Fail At That!

Lancelot is going to get that blood.

Just you wait.

Edit: I’m kinda tempted to change the update schedule to twice a week during this whole Work at Home thing, but if I do that, I might never go back to my regular schedule. However…I have a massive headache right now and I already know Thursday and Friday are gonna’ be longĀ (Thursday is the weekly video conference and Friday I have to go into the office to work by myself for most of the day). So I’m gonna’ work on this writing I started an hour ago, and then go to bed. I’m praying and hoping this doesn’t continue as a trend for middle-of-the-week doldrums. o-o;


Is Wiglaf the World Serpent from Norse mythology? NO, he’s much too young for that. Hmmmm, Wiglaf’s mom has some explaining to do. There’s no way he’s all human. He could be related to the Grendal. Would fit with how the names in this comic seem to play a role of their own.


Maybe all this is the result of him being a Hero tm.
All those times in the past where evil types tried to kill him with poison didn’t work but the poisons remained.

Humans are funny/strange beings.
The effects of toxins diminish past a certain point before once again increasing in effect.
I smell the possibility of DAD trying off Baby Wigsy but getting the dosages too small.


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