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He Would Rather Just Avoid It

You know what I just realized? I forgot WaM’s birthday again. LOL. It was on October 4th. On Wednesday I’ll have to draw a pin-up to make up for it. XD It’ll be late, but it’ll be done!

Have a wonderful week!

Edit: Had to do some stuff after work and then I played Genshin to relax after it (stressful things huzzah….). I realized Friday is the 4th, so I figured that was a sign I should do the pin-up then. I’ll see you then. And wish me luck. Trying to make some life changes and it’s got me stressed.

Edit 2 (Friday): Oh my gosh I am so sorry. I forgot it was Friday. Lol. Got off of work and my brother wanted to go to the movies (One Piece: Red) and by the time we got home it was after 10 and started having out. It’s now technically Saturday and I didn’t get my comic done. Oops. I’ll see you Sunday. XD;;;;;

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Now it’s a fun break which you’ll share with some of your most annoying enemies who happen to be your closest friend’s siblings! Yes, they’ll be annoying, but you can rest assured that one of them won’t be doing crime.

…One of them, because I can’t guarantee anything about Sedrick.


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