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He’ll Get It In His Sleep

Ha ha. Boudica’s so cute when she’s mad. And if you can’t tell – Security is eating cake. Where did he get it? Who knows. :wow:

Let’s see…lots going on. Mike started a thread about Wiglaf on the forum. The Pair-a-Thon is on it’s leg – so far only two entries. Let’s get those in people!

Edit: Fixed Driver’s dialogue. I must have been more tired than I thought because I forgot to rewrite her dialogue with the accent. XD It’s all fixed now.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Empty Walls” by Serj Tankian


:lol2: Security ‘Nom nom’ on his cake!

And of course pooe Wiglaf has no idea that Boudica’s out for blood. :lol2:


‘pooe’ is supposed to be ‘poor’, That was my typo. I think I’ll go sleep now.

I love the comic as always! x_x


Heh heh. Boudica does look quite humorous with that envious expression on her face–teeth clenched, eyes lowered, struggling to maintain a smile. Very funny. :happy:

Nice touch with Security eating cake during the performance. XD


Oh gosh. Prior to this comic, Boudica seemed fairly harmless, other than her clumsieness. Now, she looks capable of a homicide-disguised-as-suicide type of thing.

And Security’s just there, munching on some cake. ^.^


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