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He’ll Go Alone. Just Watch Him.

It’s up. Only an hour late… *sleeps*

Edit: No WaM Wednesday. Trying to feel less guilty about taking breaks, and just…taking them. I’ll try  not to make it a habit, though. So there should be something up Friday. :)

Edit: Evening. Friday Evening. *should have clarified* I hope every had a happy Thanksgiving! :D


Even Hiking you need a plan, even if it’s go this way till whenever o’clock then turn around and come back. Bird watchers bingo, tree bingo, animal bingo.
But Wiglaf’s right, enough weird/chaotic stuff finds you, you don’t have to look for it…But it’s more fun that way.


I dunno, all the really weird/chaotic stuff that happens to them always seems to happen when they’re looking for something else weird/chaotic. Well, except for that little adventure with the cult.


Ah,and now we get a new annoying artifact for the house hold. Wonderful.


Just to say: I love Bliss to death, but we really don’t need another magic item in the flat right now. Although… just throwing this out there, what if Wiglaf’s chain-mail is an artifact, and it just hasn’t seen fit to show itself, like Kenpachi Zerraki’s zanpaktou?


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