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Help Keeps Him Busy

You can’t blame Wiglaf too much.

His name’s in the comic title. He feels more is expected of him. XD


I just realized, Mordred was without Bliss for a whole week. How did he NOT go crazy?

I mean, we know he’s already got the beginnings of the, clingyness to her-I can’t remember which strip it was in but I remember them getting separated fora short but and he started to get, twitchy.


Maybe he did but we didn’t see it? We mostly saw the beginning of when everyone got sucked up but not over the entire week of waiting.

It was around 570, he was supposed to mail her home but instead shoved her in his suitcase because he couldn’t do it. But he seemed to become less attached when she made the huge explosion. So made the clingyness got weakened because he was mad at her? Maybe???


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