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Her Dinner Is Worth It

Her food is worth the awkward silences that shall ensue. :D

And yes. Mordred will have fun on Sunday. So much fun at their expense. Mwa ha ha.

I love my cat by the way. She’s trying to escape my room but hasn’t figured out how to open doors yet. It’s adorable.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Want A New Drug” by Huey Lewis and the News


So. Wiglaf’s Pappa’s not aware of his wife’s affair with the repair guy. Which appears to have gone on for twenty odd years.


…In a world with evil corporation, magical objects, possessive ghosts, etc, is it THAT impossible that Wieglaf could’ve got ALL three traits (Humor, Ego, Looks) from all three genetically?

…No? Well, I suppose the first two aren’t exactly genetic material, but if they are delusional, I think I’m allowed to be so as well! :P


It sounds to me like Vilhelm is fully aware of Linnéa’s affair with Lennart. He’s likely even aware that, genetically, Lennart is Wiglaf’s father (Liliy is giving us obvious visual cues towards this being true, though possibly she’s misleading us). I think Vilhelm still claims Wiglaf as HIS son because he cared for/raised Wiglaf.

I could be wrong, but I do honestly hope I’m right, that Vilhelm feels Wiglaf is his son despite it not being a biological connection. Because I think that’d be sweet and prove Vilhelm IS a loving father. (*is a total sucker for these types of family set-ups, due to being raised by single mother*)


Liliy playing mind games with her devoted fans? Really? I know I would *grin* since it is so much fun.

Here is the thing – everyone thinks its mom and the handyman but nobody has mentioned dad and the handyman. Would Liliy do that to us? :)


Lennart’s entrance adds an extra fun dynamic to Wiglaf’s family circle. It’ll be funny to see how Wiglaf’s parents generally deal with a repair guy who’s been hiding out in the house all this time. Not awkward at all. XD


he is probably over looking the affair so he can lay claim to a super child. nothing makes someone feel good about themselves more then saying look how great i am because thats my kid. he is probably hopping for more of them


…Is it odd that out of all this affair-drama, I spent five minutes staring at Vilhem’s tie and thinking “And that is where Wiggy’s love for green came from..”? I mean, the boy ALWAYS wears that green shirt and sudden;y we meet his Papa who just so HAPPENS to be wearing a GREEN TIE? Coincidence? I think not!


And the tie is the same color as his shirt no less! :D *high fives b/c someone noticed that was done on purpose*


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