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Hero Instincts Persist

A lot happened off panel. Boss had fun. Wiglaf and Azrael most definitely did not.

Also I’m super proud of that last panel. I hope you all like it too!


It has occurred to me they’d be much better off if Grace was still a sword. Since that whole power boost of 98% of your opponent’s strength would be crazy useful right about now.


Yeah. I’m sure Wiglaf is at least 2% of Boss’s power. Maybe. Although… Just power may not be enough.

Who knows how much of Boss’s abilities stem from power, and how much stems from millennia of practice (aka skill).

I don’t recall–does Grace just boost power, or overall ability?


That is true, but getting 2 super strong people to fight Boss would still be a major advantage. Grace boosts physical strength. Which I suppose Boss might not be crazy strong physically (but given his dismembered, messed up wing can successfully restrain Wiglaf.. I’m inclined to believe he’s pretty strong.) but if needed Azrael could ‘fight’ Wiglaf again and have Boss just ‘happen’ to be in the way.


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