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He’s Already There

War For Cybertron is friggin’ amazing. You all are lucky I stopped playing long enough to draw this thing. XD

I’m going to stop now before I rant about it for a few….hours? years? Something.

Starscream and Megatron!!!! *glees incoherently*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Pony (It’s Okay)” by Erin McCarley


Wiglaf being witty and insulting…it’s kinda funny…in a weird way. xD It seems to alien for him to act that way. =D

Yeah…Security can hear everything, can’t he? o0 I’d still like to know how he…just…POPS up everywhere…at random. Sometimes I think he does it just to confuse people…

Of course…no one seems to really be bothered by it…or ask how he manages to do so.

I’d have to ask him if I ever met him. o0

I wouldn’t do that Mordred. I don’t know why but Wiglaf seems like the type who might lick your hand to get you to let go. 0_0

…That’d be funny though…especially sense Mordred seems to type to let go, wave his hands aorund and say “EW EW EW” like some people do when they get their hands licked for cupping them over peoples mouths. :sly:

Go Starscrean and Megatron! :cool: …?


No one seems to be bothered by it?

I seem to recall several freak-outs on the part of one preteen intellegence master regarding said teleporter.

They were funny freak-outs, too.


I thought Wiglaf was doing a lovely job of being witty. Least til Mordred covered his mouth.

I’m on of those people who tries to bite the hand that covers my mouth. My sister licks, and then I just wipe it off on her and cover her mouth again. XD


Ha ha, I like the variety of Wiglaf’s expressions as he shows off his wit. XD And those backgrounds are very fun to look at.

I like Mordred’s sly smile in the first panel. He enjoys reminding Wiglaf how not-nice he is. XD


:curious: It just now occured to me that in a world where ghosts, dragons and other assorted magics are real, if rare, Security may very well just be another magical creature which can phase or teleport, like an elf or a leprechaun.

:sly: Hmmm…

:D I smell new crackpot theories!


Hmm, now why would Mordred not want Security to hear them? The worst thing Security has done to Mordred is mooch two smoothies and a few car rides, so I don’t see why he’d be worried about the man showing up.
Huh, the way Mordred discouraged Wiglaf’s early query about Security, maybe he worries that taking too much notice of Security will cause him to disappear, like brownies given clothes?


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