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He’s Done This Before

So~ Catwoman.

Little known fact but when I was little I loved her. Like loved her loved her and I hadn’t even seen Batman Returns. (And didn’t until I was 17…). I have a T-shirt with the movie version of her on it with ‘Catwoman’ written in pink that I got when the movie came out & still adore. And don’t get me started on her in the Animated Series.

Why am I telling you this?

I just re-watched Batman Returns. And loved it all over again. It’s still my favorite movie in the Batman Franchise with  Return of the Joker coming in at a very, very close second.

Why? Because it’s good. And Catwoman/Selena Kyle is amazing in it from her cute nervous secretary start to the wild woman in leather to the best romantic interest Batman’s ever had IMHO and of course – A kiss under the mistletoe~

But let’s not forget her best moment:


…I just fangirl’ed a bit, didn’t I?

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Face to Face” by Siouxsie And The Banshees


wow I’ve had one of the worst nights I’ve had in a long time and the whole Pet remark still made me laugh despite myself.
Lilly I adore you ♥ :lol:


Aw~ I’m sorry you were having a bad night – but I’m glad you feel better! *hugs* Hopefully things continue to look up. :D


Lol! I wonder what Mordred will bring back this time. A “companion” with fur and a tail?

When I was young, I wanted to grow up and be Catwoman. Actually, I still do. :) My favorite, favorite, favorite, favorite scene in Batman Returns is the tazer kiss. Or the scene after she falls and comes home and trashes the apartment. Or the scene where she puts the bird in her mouth. Or…
Yeah, it’d totally be awesome to be Catwoman.


Heh heh. Quite a pet! XD

Heaven only knows what’s going on in Mordred’s head now. I’m sure that Driver is aware by now that she can’t trust him to behave when she’s away. ^_^ Mordred’s expressions are nicely done.


Love the comic today, and Mordred’s looking all sneaky. This can only end poorly!

But.. Batman Returns? Really?

I.. I can’t support that. I’ll give you that the Catwoman was pretty cool, in a very Burtonized fashion. But they RUINED the Penguin! It was more A Nightmare Before Batman than anything else!

I do agree with you on Catwoman though! Oh so long ago there was a Warner Brother’s store in my local mall. They had all these awesome limited edition lithographs, and out of all of them my favorite was a Catwoman one. Great scene, and the artist had woven cats all through the background. In the moon, along walls, it was just awesome. Was the only one I managed to get before the store closed, but it was the best one so thats ok!

I’d link a picture of it but the only one I can find is like.. 100×200 and a general disgrace to the picture. Maybe I can take a picture of it and post it on the forums or something ^_^


Ruined the penguin!? But Danny DeVito was so good. I thought he nailed the part. XD

And in all fairness – this movie came out a year before the Nightmare Before Christmas. :P


Personally I always thought the Penguin was laughable as a villain and not really much of a threat to anyone. Batman Returns actually made me change my mind about that. In a lot of ways, the Burton Penguin is more frightening than just a guy in a tux with a umbrella fetish.

But that’s just my opinion.


My favorite Catwoman was the late Eartha Kitt’s rendition. I had such a schoolboy crush on her…


*Seconds your opinion on Catwoman Eartha Kitt.* The only “Batman” I ever enjoyed was the live-action TV show. Neither of the other two Catwoman actresses could match up to Ms. Kitt.


Eartha Kitt is currently my favorite Pandora channel. :)

I never got to see her as Catwoman, but I’m sure she was the cat’s meow. (Pun intended of course.)


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