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He’s Experimenting


A little late but finished. I’m doing better!

And I sort of like Azrael’s outfit…or at least his sweater. :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Monster High Fright Song” (The Monster High Theme Song)


Now, I love Azzie, so I mean this in the sweetest way possible. He looks strikingly feminine in that outfit.

At the same time it’s totally worth him wearing just to see other people react to it.


I only just noticed that he’s no longer wearing that sweater he took from Ben.
I obviously have probably seen to much Monty python but I had this silly idea of Security walking out and saying..

“No,no this comic has gone far enough. This is far to silly time for everyone to go.”
*turns to audiance*
“Sorry about that folks. Now back to your regularly scheduled comic”


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