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He’s Extra Tired

Mordred just wants sleep. That’s all he wants.

Oh! In other news, apparently one of the site page caches was messed up & it put a few pages of the site out of commission. I deleted the cache & refreshed it, which seems to have fixed the problem.

So thanks for the comment letting me know! And in the future, if a page is ever messed up or not working & you can’t let me know in a comment, feel free to contact me on Twitter or Tumblr.   There are a lot of pages on this comic, so it’s easy for stuff like that to get by me. Your help is greatly appreciated!


Hmm…I wonder if they will become object spirits. Therefore forcing the former spirits to trade places with them again, becoming spirits.


In panel 4, Mordred looks like a tiny sleepy kitten. Poor guy. Come to think of it, he’d probably have the same reaction as my cat if someone tried to pick him up for cuddles. (Ack! Put me down! What is WRONG with you?!)


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