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He’s Feeling Nostalgic

*throws comic up and runs away*


So behind. o_o

Edit: Sunday’s WaM is going to be late b/c I’m going to be writing all Saturday night. o_o Wish me luck.

Edit 2: Contrats to everyone who won NaNoWriMo! And Contrats to everyone who participated! Because any word you wrote down is one more than you would have otherwise and that makes you awesome. :D

Unexpected Side Effect: I murdered my wrist. I’m going to give it a break and skip WaM. *sighs* Pushed it too hard trying to get the words in. Things should be back to normal on Wednesday. :3


Why guilt, one wonders?

Will also be NaNoing like MAD all of tomorrow – I might JUST make it… sending positive thoughts your way!


Judging by the title, I’d say he was planning on just the two of them going, like when they went and got Camalan.


…What on earth made Wiglaf think that Mordred would be inviting anyone else? Did he brain fart and forget who Mordred is?
Considering he likes to sneak about behind Drier’s back doing this sort of thing, just the two of them should be a given(and maybe the animals, who knows).


…you know this just sets them up for couples slash…out looking for treasure! ….camping! …alone… Yeap boyfriends


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