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He’s Got Flow Charts

Ha. The first WaM using CS5 of Photoshop. Whoot. Pretty slick & it runs better on my computer. XD Hurrah. Granted, considering how much that sucker costs….it better be an improvement.

Oh Azrael. I bet you went to med school and became a fantastic nurse. Grace would be jealous of your uniform.


“Did you write the book of love? And do you have faith in God above if the Bible tells you so?”

Sorry. American Pie is playing on my iTunes as I type and it’s impossible not to sing along to that darned song.  Impossible.

“But I knew I was out of luck~ The Day the Music Died~ I started singin’ Bye Bye Miss American Pie, I drove my Chevy to the levy but the levy was dry. Them good ol’ boys were drinking whiskey and rye and singing’ this’ll be the day that I die~”

And no that didn’t count as the song lyrics of the day.

Fear my hyper and lack of sleep on prior days.

“Man I dig those rhythm and blues!”

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Physical” by Olivia Newton-John


Aw, poor Azzie. XD I am impressed by his flowcharts.
And now that song will be stuck in my head for a week. “I was a lonely teenage broncin’ buck, with a pink carnation and a pickup truck, but I knew I was out of luck the day the music died!”
…curse you. XD


Heh, you know i do beleive i’m liking this arc quite a bit.

and with all the dismembering that azzie has done over his life i bet that he has the knowlege of a trained surgeon. … now he just needs to learn to put them back together instead of just taking them apart.


That is an awesome song. Unfortunately(?) it always makes me think of the Weird Al “The Saga Begins” version… >.> *goes to listen to the original*

I am looking forward to seeing where this plotline goes…


I just wanted to add this about the survey, because I filled it out, and then I was thinking, ‘Wait, I want to add something!’, but really didn’t want to fill it all out again, for no real reason.
And that is: I totally adore your mirror!verse. Especially Geoffry and Horatio.
Actually, I probably also ship them normally as well.
But yeah, I would love to actually see the relationship between mirror!Wiglaf and mirror!Mordred, just because it would most likely be quite different from normal. Wouldn’t it?
Anyway, this is probably way to long, so I’ll just shut up now.


it’s not too long, so no need to shut up, and i agree! i’d love to see the relationship between those two in the mirrorverse as well, who wouldn’t? ^(=^.^=)^


OMG, I just thought, what if Mordred and/or Wiglaf (possibly co.) somehow ended up in the mirrorverse, I can just imagine how Mordred would react to himself, or better yet, mirror!Wiglaf, who else agrees that the ensuing chaos would be EPIC :ohhyeahh:


I Duz!

I hereby command Lilly to do it!

… And i command in the least commanding way ever! Rawr… :sly:


“Mirrorverse” means what exactly?

No wait, first tell me if I want to know or if I’d probably prefer to remain clueless what that is.


Eh, it’s relatively harmless.

Mirror!verse is something Liliy developed during the UStream sessions to vent a frustration or two with some of her characters. In the Mirror!WAM, the characters have 180 degree personalities, so Wiglaf is a sadistic bastard, Mordred is a bit of a pansy with an angel complex, Bliss is emo and dresses Goth-like, Horatio is a mooch to Geoffrey’s cut-throat business ruthlessness, etc.


wait, is this him trying to come up with the story of his life MINUS grace or to actually get a job?

Cuz if its the latter… Not gonna work really well. I mean hes one of the most famous mass murderers on the planet right? somones gonna recognize him.

And damn… Grace sure screwed Poor little Azzie up badly…


And since Azzie needs help, I say we all try and come up with a history for him.:lol2:


He started ot at an orphange ran away went on a killing spree picked up spare money from them, the ran away to the circus and was a knife thrower’s assistant, killed the knife thrower and the Ring leader for saying bad things about grace, Saved up enough money by doing part time jobs killing people, went to Medical school when he saved up enough money doing his schooling, got hired by Arthur after decapitating a multitude of people at the Medical school after graduation


I meant something that would get him a job, not have concerned employers send him to Arkham.


As in make his history candy coated.

He ran away from an orphanage and picked up spare money from a few people.He then joined a circus as an assistant,until he made enought money for medical school, was hired by a rich philantropist after graduation.

See almost innocent. 0_0


taltamir, he’s trying to figure out if he, hypothetically, would have gone to med school if Grace had never entered his life. That kind of alternate history would be difficult to figure.

The only thing more difficult would be trying to figure out something like “What if I hadn’t become deaf at the age of one?” I sometimes wonder that myself.


I like how Gen shivers in terror at the apprehension over how far Azrael’s sword-love extends. XD


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