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He’s Handling This Well

Poor Ben. Poor, poor Ben.

Um. On a Batman high again~ *hugs all the Robins* Love them. Love them so much. XD And the new movie I just watched and ranted about on my blog doesn’t help. XD *snuggles them*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Unstoppable” by The Calling


Poor Eclat. Just can’t win, can you? If it’s not mouldering away in an attic, it’s defending your innocent “master” from tyrannical females (and a possible dude-who-swings-both-ways)…

Totally still want Azzie’s jacket. *squeeeeee!*


….How was Ben not nervous till now?
I love Svafa’s reaction to Ben.
It’s like he’s a puppy.
Now I want to see Puppy!Ben….


Oh, well, see… it’s only possible to sustain a state of total terror for so long given a certain amount of fear-stimulus. After a while being manhandled and dragged around by one of the most infamous violent murderers in ever just stops doing it for you, and then it requires additional causes for fear to re-induce the whole trembling and inability to act part.

Plus, and I’m just guessing here, Éclat has probably kept him away from girls and women which generally makes them seem more scary and strange than they otherwise would be.


So, according to Ben’s sword, they are among the enemy. And the “3, maybe 4 of them” says he’s talking about women. And Ben asked if he’s gonna be okay, so maybe the sword has a fear of women or something?

And, haha, I love that he’s suspicious of Az, haha~!!! :lol2:


i could have a pritty good guess of Grace’s reaction in pannal six…
Sváfa: Are we like totally keeping him?

Azrael: yes! :lol:
Grace: no! :meh:

Azrael: mabey! :lol:
either way he has a sward like mine.
it’s sensational!


Heh heh, poor Ben isn’t ready for all this sudden attention. And I like Svafa’s enthusiasm over the new “stray.” XD I also like how your drew Brynhildr reading.


It seems my Live Bookmarks (RSS) are malfunctioning again. They’re now updating on time, but strangely marking your comic as being already read. So that is why I have not been commenting as of late.

Éclat, is not the brightest. I would know right away Azrael’s a guy – I would only be confused of his sexuality, maybe.


Pfft! Eclat’s remark made me choke on my tea (vanilla earl grey, if you were wondering). I also think if he said he’s got my back, I’d immediately think “Ohgodohgodohgod I’m so screwed!” Such a comradely remark from a creature of THAT kind of personality makes my survival instinct go into seizures.


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