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He’s Mad For Science

Comic. Little change of scenery for a bit. :D


Oh dear, this can’t end well. I foresee something like rampaging, mutant strawberries in the future.


Strawberries are kinda hollow…So stuff the giant strawberries with angelfood cake/short cake and whipped cream. Ta Da! Strawberry shortcake you don’t need a spoon or fork to eat!


Because there is no way for this to possibly go wrong and create a monster that will go on a rampage and require at least one of the others to intervene. I mean it’s not like he has a history of doing that or anything (/s)


Strawberries at only 3 times the size are still not all that big. Maybe the size of a plum or apricot.

Now strawberry plants on the other hand can get quite big and the climbers do grow pretty fast to begin with. So a little genetic tweaking on the plant and making it just as active as some of the others in the past would make for interesting results. …. Oh Oh …. They intuitively know how to milk the cows for the cream to go with the berries …. or look for chocolate to dip their berries into. ….


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