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He’s Not Joking

Huh, Horatio shows up and Geoffry gets his back bone back…I wonder if there’s any connection. *ponders*

Ah well. I just put on paper what the characters tell me. I can’t be held responsible for them. :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey


Wait, he got to go to his High School Reunion?

Also, I get the sneaking suspicion that our authoress likes drawing Horatio with his tie undone like that.


Janus sounds like she would be the ideal party guest, if your goal is to make as much trouble as possible. :D She very blatantly doesn’t care, and she likes it that way. XD

Amazing that Horatio is finally starting to develop a clear head. XD


They’re symbiotic!

Horatio needs Geoffry to be the voice of reason And Geoffry needs his sidekick to be all bad ass. The longer they stay together, the more effective they shall become!

(The real reason Janus and Viola split them was the threat of them possibly foiling some sort of plan.)


*Imagines Horatio and Geoffry dressed at Batman and Robin*


*Imagines Horatio and Geoffry dressed at Batman and Robin*

You should make that a “Pair-A-Thon” entry, although I think it would work better with Geoffry as Batman and Horatio as Robin.


Intriguing dynamics at play here.

Viola clearly realizes that she’s not nearly as important to Horatio as Geoffry is, and seriously resents it. To the point where she basically conspired to get him kidnapped and held hostage for many years so that Horatio would actually notice her. How would she react if the prospect of Geoffry leaving his current captivity occur?

Janus flat out admitted that she doesn’t care about Geoffry. Its been rather implied before, but flat out saying it is kind of a filly of a different shade. On Geoffry’s character sheet, it lists his biggest insecurity as “Whether or not he loves his wife”, and he’s been proven to be an extremely capable person many times over. What would happen should he decide he doesn’t, and as such will not stay around?

Also, it finally seems to be dawning on Horatio that he’s been a tash.. impulsive. He seems the sort to dwell on things, and could end up wearing his contrition for a while. Especially since Geoffry seems to be stepping up and taking control.

Very interesting!


I like how this page is laid out and staged. Horatio, Viola, and Janus all on one side responding to Geoffry’s statements from the previous page, and then Geoffry tying it all together on the opposite side at the end. It’s very eye-catching, I think.


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