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He’s Not Worried

Mordred isn’t worried about Arthur.

But he might be a tad worried about Sedrick and what he’ll do if Arthur actually manages to tick him off.

Which he won’t. As we saw. :P

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Thanks for answering my (so so many) questions! Also I really like Mordred’s expression in that last panel.

Random Thought: imagine if Wiglaf got transformed into a object and became a shield. He grants his super strength plus durability to the holder. Random events happen, and eventually the Shield Wiglaf falls into a different dimension which happens to be the Marvel Cinematic Universe right before the start of “Captain America” (the first one). Steve Rogers still takes the serum but the effects aren’t super strong. Howard Stark didn’t make the shield, he just found it and put it into storage because of weird energy readings around where the shield was found. He’s done some testing and the shield is basically invulnerable (he hasn’t found anything that can even scratch it) and lightweight. So when Steve takes the serum, Howard pulls the shield out of storage, paints it up a bit (it’s in Wiglaf’s colors of green and yellow with the cross (his shirt on a shield basically)), and hands it over to Steve with the words, “You’re its owner now.” Of course, the minute he does this, Steve can suddenly see Wiglaf, just floating around near the shield. Having the Shield Wiglaf grants Steve extra strength and durability when he’s holding it (Wiglaf level) but when he’s not, he still has the enhancements from the serum (canon MCU level strength and durability).

This is either the best crossover AU idea either or a terrible, terrible product of my sleep-deprived brain.


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