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He’s Out Of Practice

Happy Halloween!! :D

I hope everyone’s having a Spooky Friday, and that you’re all ready for November!



So yeah. Good luck tomorrow, and Happy Halloween today! :D


Wonder if finding out that he is not, in fact, the baddest guy in the universe and then being captured kinda… mellowed him out. I mean, he had power trips because of his entirely exaggerated sense of self worth and always thinking “If I could wield my powers freely, I’d be the best!” and then the one time he could… he was in the WRONG company. Sure your typical homicidal nutjob would just end up more homicidal after being captured for awhile, but if he’s just a fundamentally decent guy who’d just been trapped in a sword under a lake too long for his sanity, a beatdown and break might have just mellowed him out.


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