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He’s Right To Question

Okay. So less than an hour late. I can safely backdate that without shame. Lol.

No, that’s not true. But yeah. You can see how well my “Go to bed before midnight” plan is going if you know I posted this…well after midnight. *snort*

I also have not had a chance to order my computer yet. Some stuff came up. But hopefully before the end of the week. o_o

Edit: We were short a coworker at work (why is everyone sick…) and that makes for a long day. Add in that I have to get up early tomorrow to do something important that will require concentration and being…awake, means that I must turn in early (so help me).

Sadly this means no WaM for Friday. o_o;; I am sorry about that. It’s probably for the best. Writer’s block hit me and I’d rather not force out a half-done strip. XD; So I’ll see you on Sunday.

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