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He’s So Proud

Now, you decide – is Driver angry because she’s being semi-ignored, or because Mordred doesn’t consider her a lackey. You decide. XD Mwa ha ha ha ha.

And no. I can not explain why Mordred called Wiglaf ‘Luvie.’ *smacks self* It was just too perfect not to use. XD

In other pondering, Mordred has inspected his nails quite a lot through the run of this strip. I think I just like drawing his hands. It’s the rings.

And now I’m out of things to talk about. Um.

Code Geass is Awesome. :D


yay *_*! Boudica is that Boudica (Boadicea)? I love her. And I have to quote NJ: Mordred is adorable in this page.


Mordred has only been girlier when he first got Camlan and was distracted by the shininess. XD

And poor Driver; I feel continuously bad for her. XD


“Sisters”? Driver has sisters? *Frowns.* Huh. Wait! Are they–?
No. Bloody. Way! XD I think Driver has slipped neatly into place behind Wiglaf as my second favorite character.

And “Code Geass” may be awesome, but “Avenger” doesn’t have much appeal until the very end, so you might want to avoid that one.

So Wiglaf is going to be the only brightly colored member of the Garrott party in attendance? That’ll be interesting.


Yes. Bloody. Way!

It’s probably exactly what you’re thinking. :D It shouldn’t be that much of a shock…there’s only so many red-heads in my cast. XD


Sweet. I should have guessed, from the side-by-sides, but it really didn’t occur… That’s just beautiful, Liliy. I can’t wait.


Poor Driver. I’ll bet she’s ticked off because she is being semi-ignored. After all, Mordred seems much more excited about showing off his “lackey” than he is about showing off her, his childhood buddy (who also aspires to be his lover). ^_^ It has to be exasperating for Driver that a mere lackey gets consideration over her.

I’d love to see Driver driving her sisters nuts. :D


O’boy time a family reunion strip. Every character in one scene.

Does Wiglaf get the good guest room or will he have to sleep in the servants quarters with Driver.


Ya know i think she pissed off for both being semi-ignored and not being considered a lackey…that and now Wiglaf is going too, and know how much she likes him (=^.^=)


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