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He’s Still Picking Something Out

It’s up! On time!

Also, the Pair-a-Thon is totally going on. XD;; I know I haven’t set anything up yet for it, but the rules are the same as last year. Same e-mail to submit, too.

Thanks for being patient guys. 2014 is looking better, but I’m still not where I want to be. *sigh*

You guys are great though. Thanks for reading. <3

Edit: No WaM on Friday. Thanks guys. But the Pair-a-Thon is still going on!


Yup, Mordred’s fucking with him. xD

And he’s pulled out a ‘Myths and Legends’ book, looking for magical things there eh?


Guys… What if Ben touched the ocean with his sword?


That’s actually an interesting question. Ben did do something similar with a stretch of highway that turned into a giant snake. Although, since the snake wasn’t the size of a mountain, Eclat probably has a limited range, and would only affect a small part of the ocean.


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