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He’s Tired of Thinking

I too am tired. Lol.

But I’m enjoying all this Driver & Camlann bonding, so that’s a win. XD

Edit: Work was nuts. I forgot to do something that was due today. Gonna’ do that and then chill. XD Stress! The joys!

Edit 2 (9/9):¬†Work kicked my butt this week. Just. All week. I’m really hoping next week is calmer. I’m going to bed early. Goodnight guys.


…this is turning into a date. I’d ship it, if I thought Driver could actually have an… enjoyable night with Camlann. I don’t believe that he has the ability to turn off (maybe weaken, but not deactivate) the curse, and direct contact (which he previously couldn’t control) activates it, so…


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