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He’s Too Used To That

You can picture them doing this every other day at school can’t you? Azzie wants something. Gen says no. Stab. Azzie gets what he wants.

That whole zero tolerance thing doesn’t apply when Azzie scares the teachers now. XD I’m sure.

All that aside. Busy weekend continues. XD Hurrah.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Old Haunts” by The Gaslight Anthem (Yes I’ve used this song before. XD LOOVE~ IT.)


I must comment quick as to be first but i think that counts as invasion of pricavy if they go thru gens stuff looking for the pictures of azzie as a kid. O_o


he’s a criminal how could he take legal action without being blackmailed


subtly and by not using his incredibly silly name


isn’t THAT illegal?


i dislike you :argh:


Wait, wait, wait, you’re talking about a generic thief paying a lawyer to prosecute the trusted lieutenants of a man that is famously murderous and incapable of being imprisoned effectively.
Quick now, is there anybody in the world besides Wiglaf that is capable of serving effectively as a lawyer and might not flee in terror from that job?

Imagination on, considering the case: Wiglaf as one lawyer, Azrael enters the courtroom officially as the opposing lawyer but it falls apart quickly. It turns into a brawl and the bystanders flee as all three of the valkyries plus Azrael sneak attack Wiglaf during his opening statement.


Something about Siggy’s expression says “Oh god, Svafa, why’d you say that?” to me. Or possibly “THIS should be interesting.” Knowing Brynhildr’s massive crush/fangirl tendecies, it’s what I’d be thinking. xD
Yeah, I’m pretty sure Azzie ruled the school, even if he was freaked out by Grace’s influence at first.


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