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He’s Watching You

Feel free to insert Twilight Zone type music for the last panel.

I have nothing else to say. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“The Noose” by A Perfect Circle


*snerk* Like Lancelot has any room to speak… His obsession with Driver is worse than Mordred’s mind-like-a-steel-trap.


Wiglaf looks like he’s dying to tell Lancelot the story of how Mordred’s hair turned pink. XD

Security’s in the network! Now all we have to know is whether Hnaef is starting a collection of women’s undergarments. XD


XD I can just see the racks and racks of the garments, now! Individually and delicately hung, lit just so with a soft glow suited each to its predominant colors, displayed in an automated system….

Or maybe the collection is temporary! Hnaef, instead of behaving like the adolescent/pre-adolescent boy he is, only needs the garments for research purposes; is Svafa really all-natural as she claims on her myspace page? what’s Madame Garrott’s response to the all-time question of satin or lace? Is Driver’s insistence on cotton really for its durability?


OK… so Lancelot is not so much gentlemanly in a face-to-face fight as he is oblivious. *Disappointment.* Oh well. Hilarity ensues.

So Security is staring at the group from inside Hnaef’s ‘net-den. Now what did he want there? Is it just that Hnaef’s technology makes Security’s job of monitoring everyone easier, so he doesn’t have to use his being-everywhere-at-once trick? Or is it something more devious? Could he be stalking but a single person?? Is he really the arch-villain staking out his quarry?!?!
I still hold that Security is a triplet that Margaret hired to keep an eye on her charge’s nutty family, and access to Hnaef’s ‘net-den is just making this Security’s job easier. :cool:


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