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He’s Wiglaf, That’s Why

I’m a little surprised I haven’t used that title before. I was for sure thinking it’d be a duplicate. XD


I love this strip. Lol.

Bless Wiglaf. Bless him.


Edit: Final Fantasy VII: Remake came out. My bro and I are spending all of Friday evening marathoning it, so that’s why there’s no strip. I don’t have any other excuse. Lol. Sibling bonding has trumped art for an evening. (Honestly, it’s kinda nice to take the night off for fun stuff and not “I’m exhausted and too old and I need sleep” lol.) I’ll see you guys on Sunday! For Easter! :D I might do a Pin-Up. :3


Wiglaf is this universe Pinkie Pie. So don’t question it.

With how often these baffling things happen I’m sure Wiglaf is going to try and figure out his power. Even he can’t go on forever without questioning himself, right?


At this rate….I give it two, maybe three strips before he gets the plants out of Mordred and Security, too.


It’s…it’s just a plant, though. It’s not a full-grown plant yet, either. It’s not like it’d be hard, honestly. I think only Wiglaf’s Perfection quirk has the plant still being intact afterwards. Your follow-through needs work, Lance, but you’re getting there.


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