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He’s Worth More Than That

Heh. This trip is really bringing out Mordred’s more active, evil side. A side-effect of the near hypothermia he suffered, I’m sure.

Um. War For Cybertron is awesome. Yes. Yes it is. Yes~

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Hang Me Up to Dry” by Cold War Kids


Mordred just loves to torture his lackey. I get the feeling that if this strip were just a few panels longer we’d be leaving PG-13 territory… XD


I’m not sure I want to know what those random yellings of words I cannot understand mean.

Heh, are you sure this isn’t revenge for one of the times Wiglaf took all the attention from Mordred. Or drew too much attention? Haha.

…How did he manage to get off Wiglaf’s shirt? Where is his chainmail. o0 I KNOW Mordred didn’t steal that, he can’t even lift it. D:


Te Quiero=I love you
Eu un Adonis= Is A Adonis(Adonis was a character from Greek mythology who was, very good looking and a love of Aphrodite)
So, they aren’t quite as bad as you think.


Nah, it’s just Mordred having slipped his leash. I’m sure even Driver has a slight controlling effect on him.

Maybe Wiglaf just really brings out the Evil Genius in Mordred. XD


Hooray for more evilness from Mordred! XD I guess the fresh air and the cold water inspired him to make greater strides as an evil genius. Looks like he’s on a roll. XD


I am laughing so hard that i’m *crying* here. xDDD Oh, man, Mordred, your tormenting of Wiglaf is just too funny.

And Wiglaf, you wait until those crazy fan-girls start trying to *touch* you. You will learn what fear is then. o.o


Heh Adonis! As in… adonis… greek… amazing body… probably gay!

And of course… Mordred its about dang time Mr. “im a lazy and apathetic and pure evil” showed a little more of the latter!


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