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Hey! It’s Part of Her Job!

Welp. Car is totaled. XD In about a week I’ll find out how much insurance is going to give me for it. Hopefully I have enough for a down payment on a new car. Who shall be Roy II.

You all forgot they had a pet plant, didn’t you? You did.


Happy Birthday Mike!

(And KGJ’s was Yesterday! :D)

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Memory” from CATS (Elaine Paige ver.)


Oh my gosh, I so utterly <3 devious Wiglaf like I never thought I would. Is he going to work on becoming the perfect villain?

Then Arthur would have a different reason to hate him! O.O XD


I didn’t forget there was a plant… it scared me with its randomness. Actually, Lancelot scares me too… (has watched too much Little Shop of Horrors) XD


You know, I’m actually glad someone brought this up.

Can someone clarify something for me? I know there’s a PETshop of Horrors (with Count D) and I’ve heard about the the Little Shop of Horrors (that apparently has an evil plant in it). Are they the same thing just one’s the English title and the other’s the original? Or are they two different things and just share similar titles?

Because all I’ve been able to find is Petshop of Horrors yet my friend insists I should know the songs to it by now…



“Little Shop of Horrors” was an old B-movie horror film from the 60′s that got remade into a broadway musical that was made into a new movie in the 80′s based on the musical (staring Rick Moranis and Ellen Greene that everyone should see! :D).

Pet Shop of Horrors is a completely unrelated series by Matsuri Akino. :)

I like both myself. XD *hugs Count D and Leon*


Wait, so it was a movie that became a musical that got turned into a movie…? O_o I think I’m a little confused still but okay…

But they’re two different series. Okay, that makes sense.

I’ve gotten to the second episode of Pet Shop of Horrors, but I had a hard time taking the first episode seriously. Monty Python kind of ruined the first episode for me….
And for some reason, I keep expecting Count D to start singing “Sweet Transvestite from Transsexual Transylvania”. Of course, that may just be how I cope. :/


Yes. XD A movie that was converted/adapted into a Broadway musical – and then they made a movie based on the musical. (so same songs). My favorite version is the 80′s movie because I ADORED the cast & the soundtrack. (It’s not that uncommon – look at The Producers. Movie made into a Broadway Musical adapted to a movie again. XD)

The original Manga of Pet Shop of Horrors is much, much better. The OVA/Animation is only four short stories. You don’t really get into much of the actual plot or relationship between D & Leon. Or even the better stories come to think of it; I wasn’t too fond of the ones they picked to animate. XD

But yeah; they’re not related at all. XD Just titles that sound alike.


I love the Producers! My favorite is still the original, though. :D

Yeah, I’m kind of hoping they choose something other than mermaids and killer bunnies (RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY! See why I couldn’t watch it with a straight face?) for the next episode.

I’ll definitely try to find the Little Shop of Horrors and watch it in the near future. At least so I can understand why everyone says Lancelot should become a dentist. (Unless it was a Rudolph reference.) :D


I certainly hope they’ve made arrangements to feed it while they’re gone. Even Evil, man-eating plants should be cared for properly…


XD Wiglaf is really hilarious in the last panel. He really wants to get Driver out of the way so no one can compete for being Mordred’s buddy. XD

Love the return of Hissy. He looks healthy, so that means they’ve been feeding him well (to avoid becoming plant food themselves). XD

Greatest birthday wishes to Mike and KGJ!!


Oooh, Cats~ I was watching that about two days ago :33

Heh, Wiglaf is so cute when he’s making Driver jealous XD And Hissy’s cute too! X3


I love Cats! Great musical, going to see the offbroadway tour when it comes through in a few weeks… hope its better than the last one though. All the dancers were more modern than ballet, which is ok except most didn’t really have a feline grace. And the guy who did Rum-Tum really seemed to stop caring after his song. =/

Wiglaf’s not being evil here, by the by. He’s enjoying teasing Driver. As he’s usually the focus of such, it seems fair. Turnabout and all that =)

Love how Wiglaf looks though! And Driver looks a little hurt there =/


Actually, I didn’t forget the plant because I booked marked the comic where Hissy is introduced as Hissy. For the longest time I was using that particular strip to get to this site.


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