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High Pain Tolerance

I was falling asleep while drawing. You’ll get the finished strip later today (Friday). XD Thanks for being patient with me.

In the meantime – Tangent gave WaM another Secant Review. I know I’m going in the right direction when one of those show up. :D *loves reviews*

I sleep now.

Edit: Yeah. Okay. So you got it Saturday Morning around 1AM. I’m a loser. XD I get it. *runs away*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Whiskey Lullaby” by Brad Paisley & Allison Krauss

Just listen to it.


Oh wow- WOW. Lack of context- and color- REALLY confused me for this page. On my first read I thought it was Arthur on this page- don’t ask me how I overlooked the boobs- in bed with the Security guy. SHIRTLESS Security guy. WOW. I’m gonna… go do something else now…


Hey just got to your site (this is Levi btw). (I’m about to go to work to explain the time.) Nevertheless, I have to say everything is quite impressive, but that would be expected from a project that has been around as long as you have told me. ^_^ Well, looking forward to reading more when I get home from work.. comics are generally hard to follow when starting from the middle. ^_^


What I love is how after shouting, the first words out of her mouth are “You! How dare you!” Damn but that’s one tough woman!

And Liliy? You’re full of win and awesomeness. A one-day-late update doesn’t change that. ^^;;


Since Sed didn’t kill her instantly, I’m gonna guess she wasn’t the one to be murdered.

Or he want to pratice monologing again.

Or third guess is, is she attacks him, he can claim self defense, but I doubt that would hold up in front of the parents.


I’m looking forward to Janus smacking the tar out of Sedrick here.

Or barring that, having Sedrick come back to see Hnæf and run into Mr. G. Ideally with Alistair, Galen, and Ricky <_<

That reaction would be interesting if nothing else.


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